Midlands Palestinian Community Association (MPCA)The Midlands Palestinian Community Association (MPCA) was established on the 28th of February 2004

The Association is established as a non-profit, social, cultural and humanitarian organization, which shall be carried on without the purpose of material gain for its members. Any profits or other accretions to the Association shall be used in promoting its objectives. It aims to be an inclusive association not tied to any political or religious group. Its membership is drawn from British citizens and residents of Britain, mainly residing in Birmingham and the Midlands who are of Palestinian origin. We also warmly welocme friends, brothers and sisters from other communities at our events and who can join as Associate Members.

The MPCA's affairs are managed by a Management Committee, which is elected annually and meets on a regular basis. It consists of a Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and five other members.

Since its inception, the MPCA has organised a number of meetings for the community and has seen a steady growth in its membership.

The MPCA belongs to its members. Come and join us and contribute to the development of the Palestinian Community in the Midlands.

MPCA strives to:

Keep alive Palestinian identity, culture and heritage among the Palestinian Community in the Midlands;

Provide social, cultural and educational services for the Palestinian Community in the Midlands;

Foster good relations between Palestinians, the host Community and Arab and other communities in the Midlands;

Generally assist the Palestinian Community in the Midlands, in Palestine and elsewhere;

Endeavour to provide facilities for study, meeting and recreation for the Palestinian Community in the Midlands;

Endeavour to acquire, maintain and administer premises for the use and enjoyment of its members; and

Endeavour to raise funds to achieve its objects in the UK and elsewhere.