Email Group
The MPCA operates an email group to ensure that information of interest to the Community is communicated speedily. Membership of the MPCA includes membership of the Email Group.

Community Meetings
We hold regular meetings of the community to develop friendships and to share some lovely Palestinain food. Come and join us.

Children's Sports Activities
The Community's children have enjoying sport at the Aston University Gym. This is an opportunity for children to play and mix and or parents to meet and chat. We want to see more childen and parents. For further information, please email

Women's Social Club
We have established an Inter-community social club for women to bring together woemn from different communities for friendship and develop better understanding of each other's culture.

Dabka Group
The MPCA Dabka group is made up from a mixture of adult members of the community and their children. We meet weekly, normally on a Friday evening.

If you wish to join us, then please complete a membership form for the MPCA and then email us for further information